Bita Astragulus Honey 500g

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Bita Astragulus Honey 500gr

Astragalus Nebrodensis honey is a rare honey, it’s of high mountain about 1800 meters. It has a pleasant taste and reinforcing properties, it is good to sweeten herbal teas, milk, tea and cakes. In the liquid state is almost colorless, if it is pure, that is has not been polluted by higher percentages of pollen of other flowers, does not crystallize. It’s not true that all bees are yellow and black. There are also dark bees, and the Apis mellifera siculais just one example.This autochthonous breed has populated Sicily for millenniums, even though bee keeping has been progressively abandoned since the 70’s, almost risking the complete extinction of this bee. This extinction has been avoided thanks to Carlo Amodeo of Termini Irnerese, the only keeper today of purebred Apis mellifera sicula. It’s a very docile breed, so much so that masks are not required to extract the honey. It’s also very productive. Strengthen the immune system, improve heart health as well as used to treat heart failure, increase athletic ability in sports and prevent fatigue and help protect the kidneys against disease.

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