Chickpeas Roasted 500g

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Chickpeas nutrition includes starch, which is a slow burning carbohydrate that the body does not react to by suddenly spiking glucose in the blood


Chick Peas Roasted 500gr

Traditionally loved by vegetarians for their protein potency, chickpeas are a great source of fiber. Our chickpeas are of superb quality and are expertly roasted for supreme snack-ability. Chickpeas are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. They are a good source of protein and they don’t have the high calories or saturated fats found in comparable protein sources.not suitable for customers with an allergy to peanuts, other nuts, wheat or soya due to manufacturing methods Chickpeas make my list for the 20 Ultimate High Fiber Foods, with roughly 6-7 grams per half cup serving. Unfortunately the modern western diet that many Americans consume leaves them deficient in dietary fiber; in fact it’s believed that less than 5 percent of Americans get the daily recommended amount of dietary fiber that they need to consume through food each day. Fiber facilitates in healthy digestion by quickly moving foods through the digestive tract, helping  to decrease symptoms of IBS and constipation. Fiber works by drawing fluids from the body and binding them to the bulk of forming stool, which contains toxins and waste that must be removed from the body. Fiber also helps to balance pH levels and bacteria within the gut, increasing healthy bacteria while also decreasing unhealthy bacteria. An imbalance in gut flora bacteria is often linked to many different digestive problems. The high amount of fiber in garbanzo beans is responsible for its filling effect and  helps to improve digestion, but it does much more than this. Fiber aids in heart health, helps to control blood sugar levels, guards against cancer, heart disease, diverticulitis, kidney stones, PMS, obesity, and more.
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