Dogaci Argan Oil 50ml

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1) Argan oil is a plant oil produced from the kernels of the argan tree (Argania spinosa L.) that is endemic to Morocco. In Morocco, argan oil is used to dip bread in at breakfast or to drizzle on couscous or pasta. World-wide, it is gaining a reputation both as an ingredient in high-end, personal-care products and as a heart-healthy gourmet product. 2) Argan oil, produced with cold pressing method, tightens your skin while reducing wrinkles. It is highly effective for acne treatment. It helps softening of your skin. It revitalizes your skin by helping to renew the body cells while removing the negative effects of the sun (harmful UHV rays), smoking cigarette, stress and environmental pollution. It can reduce inflammation and irritation of the skin. It is effective for the wrinkles around eyes. It is useful for preventing the fractures during pregnancy. It is convenient to use for both dry and oily skins. It strengthens the structure of broken nails. It causes worn and dull hair a shiny look. It prevents forming of hair split and It nourishes and repairs the hair.
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