Kemal Kukre Sour Cherry Vinegar 500ml

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Sour cherries are red fruits. Red fruits and vegetables are rich in the antioxidant phytochemical class known as anthocyanins


Kemal Kukre Sour Cherry Vinegar

This sour cherry vinegar also has a complex dry finish. uses It is good for vinaigrettes and marinades, especially when used to dress salads composed with heartier greens. It will really shine on composed salads that contain cheeses or meats. It will also compliment the flavor of duck, game or even pork - why not deglaze the pan after sautéing your meat, and then add some stock and reduce for a wonderful sauce 2) May helps soothe lsorenees linked to muscle and joint pain. It also helps to raise HDL cholestrol(good cholestrol) and lowers the blood sugar. Prevent heart disease by lowering bad cholestrol. Helps maintain eyesight and healthy skin and fights againts cancerous cells.
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