Kemal Kukrer Apple Vinegar With Honey 500ml x 12pcs

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Drinking apple vinegar & honey by mixing with warm water or mineral water in ¼ ratio helps to promote weight control of the people.


Kemal Kukrer Apple Vinegar With Honey

Live a healthy life, keep fit and be happy with the honey cider vinegar Regularly consuming the mixture of honey and cider vinegar, indispensables for a healthy life, helps you to keep fit. The product is obtained by supplementing flower honey to cider vinegar extracted from fresh or dried apple by fully natural means followed by fermentation. The product yielded by fermentation is filtered and brought ready for consumption. 2) Strengthens the immune system and prevents common cold. Regulates cholesterol. Speeds up metabolism and facilitates to fat burn. Furthermore, this mixture regulates blood glucose, appeases hunger and serves as an elixir without any side effect for losing weight on a regular diet. Thanks to its potassium content, it facilitates to maintaining the mineral balance within the body.
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