Lale Dried Figs AA 250g

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Dried Figs AA Benefits

  1. Diabetes and glucose control
  2. Figs are low in calories too. So, dried figs are an ideal snack if you want to lose some weight.
  3. Dried figs are great for restoring this balance and preventing hypertension.
  4. Dried figs have superior quality of phenols, the antioxidants, in comparison to other fruits that attribute their antioxidant property to vitamin C and E.
  5. The rich antioxidant content in dried figs eliminates free radicals that can damage blood vessels and trigger heart disease.
  6. Antioxidant-rich dried figs can help preventing cellular DNA damage due to free radicals that can produce dangerous cells.
  7. Together with other food that is rich in calcium, dried figs can improve bone density and strength. One dried fig consists of 3% calcium.
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