Mahnaz Dried Fig A 500g

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Fresh figs contain trace amounts of several important nutrients, but their primary nutritional value comes from the amount of fiber, potassium and readily available energy they provide. For close to 90 calories, two large-sized fresh figs deliver nearly 4 grams of fiber, or 15 percent of the recommended daily value. They also supply 8 percent of the daily value for potassium as well as 7 percent each of the daily values for vitamins K and B-6. Since figs aren’t a significant source of protein or fat, nearly all of their calories come from carbohydrates. Two large figs have almost 25 grams of carbohydrates, most of which is in the form of the simple sugars glucose and fructose.


Figs contain more calcium than most other fruits, according to the California Fig Advisory Board, with 121 mg in a 1/2-cup serving. Adequate calcium intake supports bone health and growth, and reduces your risk of developing osteoporosis. Adults need 1,000 to 1,200 mg of calcium a day. One serving of dried figs meets 12 percent of your daily value for calcium, almost the same as 1 cup of unpacked cottage cheese. Including a variety of calcium-rich foods in your diet, like dried figs, can make help ensure that

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