Mahnaz Dried Kiwi 5kg

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kiwi to your breakfast can help keep your body's sodium levels at bay and your blood pressure down. Two kiwis provide 30 milligrams of magnesium,

Specifications: What's in the box:  Dried Kiwi 5kg
General Features: Net Weight (kg): 5 kg Gross Weight (kg): 5.2 kg Size (L x W x H): 37 x 27 x 12  
Product details: Dried kiwi fruit contains 180 calories. This is quite a bit more than the same serving of fresh kiwi, which has 30 calories. Part of this is due to the drying process for fruit, which concentrates calories and other nutrients. As dried kiwi is usually covered in sugar, the dried fruit calories also include added sugar. Despite the increased calories, a serving of dried kiwi fruit is a good option for snacking; The Diet Channel suggests eating 100 to 200 calories for between-meal snacks. A serving of dried kiwi also includes 0.5 g of fat, a low amount that makes this dehydrated fruit a good option for low-fat diets.
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