Sahara Natural Date Vinegar 500ml

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Especially as a digestive aid. When you take a teaspoon in some water before a meal, it is supposed to help you digest your food.


Sahara Natural Date Vinegar

A specialty dating back to at least the ancient Babylonians, date vinegar is still a popular condiment enjoyed around the world, especially in the Middle East. A delicious and semi-sweet alternative to other vinegars, our natural date vinegar is fermented using only natural date juice. No other vinegars or flavors are added to make a unique and healthy addition to salads, stews, and other recipes. 2) Effective in treating and preventing gout, it also regulate blood sugar and aid in diabetes, helps to lowers cholestrol levels and blood pressure, regulate the digestive system and helps to detoxifies the body, notably the vassele, liver and kidneys.
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