Sahara Processed Date Vinegar 400ml

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Dates vinegar has a rich fruity flavor and is dark brown in color . It is not as sweet as a good balsamic. It actually tastes more like a mix of malt vinegar

Expire on- Dec 2017 Dates Vinegar CONTENTS : - C -E- B1 vitamin B6 , beta- carotene , vitamin P ( bioflavonoids ) and is rich in potassium with ( for youthful skin ) . Vinegar Benefits release dates can remove fat , cholesterol , acid - acid and excess salt in the body (which can carry a variety of harmful disease ) . 2) Sahara processed date vinegar can prevent the occurrence of swelling on the body such as ulcers and cancer , supersede the problem of food digestion in the stomach , balancing the acid -alkaline balance in the body and remove excess salt , calcium absorption is perfect - strengthen bones , treat bladder ( cleansing bile dr fat that form rocks ) , prevent the occurrence of poisoning due to the use of drugs that range , launching the production of breast milk , blood flow in that lumpy stomach (menstrual disorders )
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