Sidr Honey Yamen 1kg

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1) Sidr honey has been reported to be good for liver problems and stomach ulcers, diseases resulting from malnutrition, digestive problems, and wounds and burns. Research has found that Sidr honey has antioxidant properties, which are important in counteracting the damage caused by free radicals. A blend of Sidr honey with certain combination of nuts, and herbs is claimed to be a strong aphrodisiac, with no side effects

2) Sommor honey is used in treating respiratory disorder like coughs, cold, sore throat and other respiratory infections.

3) Sommor + Habbatul Sauda (Black Seed) has the curative qualities of the honey and Habbatul Sauda, is known to give stamina and enhance the immune system and improve body immunity especially during convalesance. Studies shows that the combination has produced remarkable results. Eastern Physicians knew that Yemen honey has curative properties to many diseases and used it in their medical practices. Modern science is rediscovering the same in their use of alternative therapies in the development of antibiotic

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