Sundried Raisin 500gr

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Raisins are irreplaceable as a healthy member of the dry fruits category. These golden, green or black delicacies are favorites of almost everyone,


Sun dried Raisin

Our raisins are handpicked and then dried at their peak of ripeness, right at the base of their vines until they caramelize and glisten into moist, dark raisins. Just the way nature intended. Sun dried raisins may help lower your after-meal blood glucose levels and promote feelings of fullness, according to a study published in "Nutrition Research" in August 2010. They are also an inexpensive way to get the energy you need during intense exercise sessions,
Raisins are not a particularly good source of essential vitamins, but they do provide small amounts of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin E and vitamin K. They are a better source of minerals; each 1.5-ounce box provides 322 milligrams of potassium, or 15 percent of the daily value
Weight Gain: Raisins, like all dried fruits, are very good tools for gaining weight in a healthy way, since they are full of fructose and glucose and contain a lot of potential energy. Raisins form an ideal part of a diet for athletes or body builders who need powerful boosts of energy or for those who want to put on weight without accumulating unhealthy amounts of cholesterol. Their role as a healthy addition to the diet is further boosted because of the many vitamins, amino acids and minerals in raisins, such as selenium and phosphorus, which facilitate absorption of other nutrients and proteins in the body. Raisins also stimulate the efficient absorption of other proteins, vitamins, and nutrients gained from food, which improves your overall energy and immune system strength. Cancer Prevention: Raisins have high levels of catechins, which are polyphenolic antioxidants in the blood. Antioxidants scavenge the free radicals that float around the body and wreak havoc on the organ systems and cells.  Free radicals are one of the primary, underlying factors that lead to the spontaneous growth of cancer cells, as well as the substance that can spur on metastasis. Therefore, by including raisins in your diet and increasing the level of these powerful antioxidants in your system, you can prevent cancer from forming, or slow down its progress if you have already developed a number of forms of that deadly disease. Raisins pack more nutrition than their small size might indicate. When grapes are dehydrated to produce raisins, the nutrients become more concentrated, making a handful of raisins a snack rich in B vitamins, iron and potassium. Besides nutrients,raisins are also a good source of carbohydrates for energy.  
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