Membership Registration

Getting started is easy

Earn Points and get rewarded in a few easy steps.

1) Create an account
To get started, simply scan the QRcode or visit this link to join now. Fill in details to get access to the full range of Mahnaz Food Rewards benefits.

2) Pay and Earn Points
Use cash, credit/debit card or e-wallet to pay for points. You’ll collect 1 points for every RM1.00 transactions. For example if total transaction is RM100 you’ll get 100 points.

3) Earn Points, get Rewards
As you earn Points, you can redeem them for payment. Our redemption point is equivalent to 100 points = RM1.00. For example for 300 points you can redeem for RM3.00.

Note: Once registered, your membership will be activated on next day.