Meysu Apricot Nectar 1Liter x 12pcs

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  The peach is a frupe fruit with a fleshy exterior surrounding a hard pit which stores the kernel. There are hundreds of peach varieties, with their fuzzy skin ranging from white and yellow to red. Smooth-skinned varities are called nectarines. Fresh juice is squeezed from the soft pulp of the fruit, producing a liquid which is high in water content, sweet and slightly sticky to touch. Raw peach juice can be used to combat various digestive problems. This juice is rich in alkalines which help relieve the symptoms of gastritis, indigestion, constipation, heaviness in the stomach, meteorism, flatulence and nausea. It aids kidney function. Raw peach juice benefits include excellent diuretic and laxative properties; therefore, this natural product can be used to tone and stimulate the function of kidneys and bladder. This juice can be used to support heart health. First of all, it helps strengthening heart muscle and stimulate blood flow. As a result, this leads to improved blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels in blood and lower chances of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and other serious cardiovascular diseases. Raw peach juice is a great solution for weight loss. 100 ml of think and nutritious peach juice have only 57 calories, making this beverage very good for weight loss. Peaches and raw peach juice are very often included to numerous weight loss programs and diet plans. Health benefits of peach juice include boosting our immunity system. Due to a high content of natural vitamins, raw peach juice can assist our body in developing great natural protection for many common diseases and ailments.
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