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KURMA | DATES AJWA (500G / 800G / 1KG)


Ajwa Dates: From Madinah region of Saudi Arabia

Ajwa dates are softer and drier in texture compared to other dates Ajwa dates (kurma) do not require special storage such as refrigeration, although care must be taken not to store them in areas with excessive heat or humidity as this might harden the fruit making it unsuitable for the consumer. Benefits of Eating Ajwa Dates:
  • Ajwa dates are filled with vital minerals and other various nutrients that help our body grow, heal and continue to function normally. These nutrients consist of potassium which is essential for life and vital for the heart
  •  It helps in healing the liver from many parasitic diseases and is a good medicine for hepatitis it contains vitamins B2
  • Vitalize the aging so it delays the aging elements and it provides immunity against brain and body tiredness
  • It helps to stimulate the urine, clean the kidneys and is useful to the liver